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Thursday, February 9, 2012

IBM #Cloudchat

Just been involved in IBM's Twitter based Cloudchat for education (#cloudchat). 

As a father of 4-girls all 8-years and under, they way our generation interacts with IT will seem alien to our children when they are 30. Technologies we are just grappling with will be inherent in their lives.  We still look in wonder at the iPad and it's simplicity of interface.  Take a look at this link:

Now tell me that this child will not be interacting with technology in ways we haven't even envisioned yet.

Government and educators need to adopt Cloud based services as way of breaking down the barriers to entry to education.  Imagine a virtual global university, with a physical presence in various geographies that is also able to deliver courses to the remotest parts of the world.  The curriculum is interactive, collaborative, social and dynamic.  This type of institution will be the goal of universities in 20-years time and the reality in 50.

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