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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Top Tips for Training Courses

To vent or not to vent that is the question...

Having probably sat through 6-months of training in my 17-year career, I have been exposed to some very targeted well thought through training and I have sat through some pretty shocking soul destroying death by PowerPoint courses.  So in my humble opinion (which if you haven't already worked this blogging thing out, is why you are reading this) these are my top tips:

  1. Native English speakers make the best presenters to a multi-language audience
  2. The human brain can only absorb information in 45-minute bursts at best.
  3. The total presentation time in any one day cannot exceed 6-hours
  4. If it takes 50-slides to get a message across, then start your slides again
  5. The biggest value from any training might not be the training material, so plan for networking
  6. If the font on the slide is less than 18 to accommodate the amount of words you need, use less words!
  7. Spreadsheets don't copy and paste well into PowerPoint slides
  8. Speakers always over-run so allow catch-up time in the agenda
  9. Allow people time to recover from the 'networking' the night before, so no 8.00am starts
  10. Employ a charismatic host, any session needs levity and humour...

If you follow these simple steps then it won't necessarily be an amazing training course, but at least the people taking it will not be asleep or be constantly planning their escape from every session...

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