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Monday, July 23, 2012

RBS Outage - The aftermath at other mainframe clients

Following RBS' high profile mainframe outage a few weeks back, the reaction within my mainframe client base has been largely positive.  When the topic has been discussed the mood has been up-beat and sympathetic of RBS's plight. 

Specific reactions have been:
  • One large UK bank raised the subject at a recent board meeting and felt it was comfortable with mainframe ops because of the IT exec who looks after the platform globally.
  • Another large mainframe client has used the RBS outage to push back against an internal offshoring proposal, and surprisingly is having a lot of success
  • A large retail client commented that they saw the same issue in the scheduling software and were glad they had a mainframe ops guy locally who was so knowledgeable.
  • Another UK bank has kicked off a programme of reviewing their scheduling 'robustness' and the ability to roll-back during upgrades.
None of my clients have expressed any concerns about having their IT crown jewels on the mainframe given the recent press, in fact quite the opposite.  The feeling has been that they feel that mainframe ops and governance is best in class when compared against other platforms...

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